How to spot great remote jobs: The Joel test for remote work

The Joel test is a 12 question test to assess the quality of a software team. Let’s try to find a set of questions we can use to identify real remote first companies and great remote jobs in general.

You can use the Remote Joel Test when you’re trying to identify the best remote jobs. The 10 questions help you assess a company’s level of trust in their employees, how much they care for them and how they communicate. Finding and getting great remote jobs is hard but when you get a job at a truly remote-first company it can be very fulfilling.

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How to make the most of your software engineering career

Are you afraid your software engineering skills are becoming outdated and your career might be over soon? It’s true that year after year certain software engineering skills get outdated as newer technologies emerge and with that groups of software engineers fall out of demand.

So how can you ensure to keep up with the rate race year after year, decade after decade?

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Is a computer science side project worth the effort?

There are a lot of reasons not to code in your free time. You spend most of your waking day in front of the screen already if you hold a computer science degree. Getting more screen time is the last thing your body and mind actually need.

So why should you start a computer science side project?

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How to get the right job after your coding bootcamp

You just graduated from your coding bootcamp and you’re looking for a job? Here is some advice how to find your perfect job and how to increase your chances of getting hired.

Getting your first job is the hardest. By scanning the job market thoroughly for matching opportunities you can increase your changes to get hired. Write targeted cover letters, prepare for the interviews and advertise what you have: your drive to learn and improve and your flexibility.

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